Guidance through menopause 


It is a fact of life that all women, regardless of culture or health status, will experience the menopausal transition if they survive into midlife. Menopause can manifest in many symptoms including anxiety, depression,  mood swings and anger, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed and relationship issues, to name a few. 


My own experience of the menopause was overwhelming. Overcome with emotions I could not explain, I chose to ignore what was happening as I felt a sense of vulnerability and loss of my known self. Unpredictable and irrational feelings often made me feel like a lost and lonely adolescent, clueless about what was happening. For so many years, the knowledge of who I was had been a security blanket; and now, mid-life, I questioned who I was and what I was doing.

With this in mind, I am motivated to bring more understanding and prompt more openness around the rather taboo subject of the menopause. For some women it can sometimes be hard to recognise symptoms as being related to changing hormones as they are often pulled in different directions by children, elderly parents and work related issues, to name a few. 

Do not feel that you need to suffer in silence.


I am here to encourage you to share what is worrying you and give you the opportunity to be listened to.